The organisation is developing a Multi-Academy Trust with the aim of creating a cross-phase family of schools, with a common aim of continuous school improvement through challenge, collaboration and support.

The Trust seeks to be a network of schools where every child and young person receives the best possible education through the sharing of best practice and worldclass professional development opportunities for staff.


We promote excellence, personal achievement and the ambition that each and every child’s potential, irrespective of their gender, race, ability or background is realised. We firmly believe that children and young people should be the centre of all we do and receive the best possible education.

All schools in the partnership will be working towards or maintaining Outstanding Status. We will celebrate diversity and ensure our young people have experiences that help them have the confidence to access the best possible opportunities locally, nationally and beyond.


We believe that all schools are more effective when they work in partnership than when they stand alone. We will value and embrace every school’s uniqueness in the community it serves, whilst seeking to learn from and share with each other so that we may distribute excellence effectively.


● We aim to ensure that outstanding Teaching and Learning is promoted and developed throughout the MAT.

● We aim to ensure that an outstanding education is provided for all children and young people in every school in the MAT and that the Vision and Values of the MAT underpin all that the MAT does

● We aim to realise the potential of every student in all our schools to prepare them for a successful future in the 21st century

● We aim to provide outstanding and inspirational leadership in every school so that each student and every member of staff is encouraged to achieve more than they thought possible

● We aim to be ambitious and set challenging targets for every school and use key data sets to inform and drive progress

● We aim to use the most effective technologies that will help drive attainment and success for our children and young people

● We aim to offer the very best in CPD in Teaching & Learning, Leadership & Management

● We aim to ensure that children’s education is enriched through an outstanding Extra-curricular Activities Programme

● We aim to develop a co-operative and collaborative ethos across all the schools so that the best practice is shared in the interest of children and young people and the community

● We aim to ensure that we maximise resources that are available to the schools so that we can deliver an education which gives best value for money