The Peninsula Trust was established in September 2017, with Weatherhead High School, a Single Academy Trust, becoming the first school in the Peninsula Multi Academy Trust. The Trust has been set up to promote excellence, personal achievement and it is our ambition that each and every student’s potential, irrespective of their gender, race, ability or background is realised. The Trust firmly believes that students should be at the centre of everything that is done and that students should receive the best possible education. All schools that join our partnership will be encouraged to work towards and maintaining an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ status. The Trust will celebrate diversity and ensure that our young people have experience and the skills that will help them have the confidence to access the best possible opportunities locally, nationally and beyond.

The Peninsula Multi Academy Trust has been set up with the aim of creating a cross-phased family of schools, with a common aim of continuous school improvement through challenge, collaboration and support. This website will help provide you with the information about the Trust and will hopefully provide an insight into the philosophy and workings of the Trust and how to make contact with the organisation.