Joining the Multi Academy Trust

For any school that is interested in finding out more about the Trust, an initial informal and confidential conversation between the school and Executive Leader can be arranged.  Our Trust Board is also happy to have informal, confidential meetings with school Governors to answer questions and share information about the Peninsula Multi AcademyTrust.

There are many reasons to join the Peninsula Multi Academy Trust and the list below is some summary considerations:

  • The Trust is committed to genuine partnership in which all schools have equal status and their leaders are valued.
  • Whilst alignment around the Trust’s ethos, vision and values is essential, the Trust recognises the uniqueness of all school’s and the communities they serve. Working within a broad and parameters established by the Trust, all school’s are able to exercise freedom to make decisions which are in the best interests of their students and the local community.
  • There will be an opportunity to access resources for school improvement, CPD and leadership training.
  • There is a framework that enables leaders from across the schools in the Trust to work collaboratively, support one another and share expertise.
  • The Trust believes strongly that the challenges for education and the education system in the 21st Century can be better understood and overcome through schools working in meaningful partnership and collectively problem solving.
  • In times of reducing budgets, financial efficiency savings can be made by developing, where appropriate, shared back office staff and facilities, as well as joint procurement and the seeking of best value.
  • There is security in working together and being part of a larger organisation, where the MAT has a collective interest in securing success for all its partners.
  • Joining the Peninsula Multi Academy Trust will allow schools to be part of a new and exciting challenge, helping to improve the local community.

For those schools wishing to join the Peninsula Multi Academy Trust, the necessary due diligence will need to be completed and detailed conversations will take place to enable a full understanding of the possible challenges and opportunities in creating a partnership.