For any school that would like to join our trust, an initial informal and confidential conversation between the school and Trust CEO would be appropriate. Our Board of Trustees are also happy to have informal confidential meetings with Governors to explore Multi Academy Trusts in general and to answer questions regarding the Peninsula MAT. There are many reasons to join the Peninsula Trust and the list below is some summary considerations:

  • There will be an opportunity to access the Teaching School’s resources for school improvement, CPD and Leadership training and ITT and recruitment.
  • The potential of running joint CPD training, Quality Assurance reviews, Professional Development and joint Governor working parties and committees.
  • In times of reducing budgets, financially efficient savings can be made by developing, where appropriate, such things as shared back office facilities, eg, HR, payroll, purchasing agreements, etc.
  • There is security in working together and being part of a larger organisation, where the MAT has a collective interest in securing success for all its partners.
  • To be part of a new exciting challenge, helping to improve the local community.

The Peninsula Multi Academy Trust would explore with potential partners, the benefits of collaboration and due diligence by both parties would ensure that there is clarity of expectation and a full understanding of the challenges and opportunities possible by creating a partnership.